About Datev Lodas integration

Create and manage supplements and employees in Factorial, and synchronize them easily with Datev Lodas.

What is Datev Lodas?

Datev Lodas is a software for payroll accounting. With it, companies can export employee data and share it with their bookkeepers and tax advisors in a quick, easy and safe way.

✔️ The Datev Lodas integration is only available in Germany.


3 reasons to use Datev Lodas:

  1. The Datev’s Payroll connector meets all high standards regarding reliability, topicality, data protection, and data security.
  2. HR Admins can synchronize supplements and employee data from Factorial to Datev, avoiding communication with bookkeepers through email.
  3. Create employees and generate absences in Datev directly from Factorial.


How to integrate:

To get started, follow this step-by-step:

  1. Go to Marketplace → Integrations
  2. Select from Payroll connector DATEV LODAS
  3. Click on Install
  4. Enter Consultant and Client number
  5. Login with Datev and grant the permissions
  6. Enter Wage type (Lohnart) number
  7. It’s done!

ℹ️ You will need information from your bookkeeper in order to finish configuring the integration:

  • LODAS/DATE client number
  • Tax code advisor number
  • Since when LODAS has been activated for the entity

More information
Learn more about Datev Lodas!

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