How to share widgets

Learn how to share specific report information with specific people

In Factorial, admins or owners of Reports can easily share designated data with specific colleagues.


To share a widget

  1. Navigate to Analytics → Advanced reports
  2. Open the Dashboard containing the widget you wish to share
  3. Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the widget
  4. Select Share
  5. Click on Add people and choose the individuals you want to share the widget with; there are no limitations on the number of recipients
  6. Choose between two access levels:
    • Editor access
    • Viewer access

      Regardless of the chosen access level, remember that people who receive the widget will only see the information they are authorized to based on their permissions.

  7. Save

You can also revoke access from this menu.



Understanding widget sharing option

What can the receiver do?

The actions available to a recipient depend on the access level assigned to them.

Widget actions:

Access level Access to Advanced Reports Capabilities
Owner Yes - Edit
- Share
- Duplicate
- Move
- Download
- Open in SQL editor
- Remove
Editor Yes - Edit
- Duplicate
- Download
- Open in SQL editor
- Remove
Editor No - Edit
- Download
- Open in SQL editor
- Remove
Viewer Yes/No - View
- Download


Dashboard actions:

Access Capabilities
Owner - Change name
- Download
- Delete
- Download

Viewer - Download


Data visibility

The receivers will only see the information they are allowed to see based on their hierarchical permissions.

For example: Adonis, not being a manager, will only see his salary if he receives a widget with salaries. If he had two direct reports, he would also see their salaries.

The owner of the report and admins can see everything.


What the widget receiver sees

  • If the recipient previously had access to Advanced Reports, they will find a new dashboard in their list.
  • If the recipient didn't have access to Advanced Reports, they will see a new section under Analytics / Advanced Reports, containing only the dashboard with the specific widget.

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