How permissions to use document template work

Learn more about template permissions and access levels

With the Use document templates permission in the Documents section, an employee can add, delete, preview, and send document templates in bulk.

When this permission is enabled, the employee will find a new section in (Your company) Documents.


For an employee to use those variables whose information also depends on a specific permission, they must have at least the "View" permission for that variable for the employees who will receive the template.

💡 Example:

To use the variable "Salary amount" {{salary_amount}}, the employee must have at least the "View salary" permission enabled for those employees to whom he/she will send a template.




Understanding document template variables permissions

To represent the permissions an employee has, we have developed Access levels. This is a simplified way of representing what information an employee has access to in relation to the company organization chart.

  • Public access: the employee can access the information of the whole company because it is public for everyone (name, surname...).
  • Full access: the employee can access this company-wide information because they have permission.
  • Partial access: the employee can access the information of their reportees.
  • No access: the employee cannot access this information of the rest of the employees.

💡 Access levels will be available in the Available Variables section:

  1. On your sidebar go to Documents
  2. Open Document templates
  3. Scroll down to Available variables



Preventing permission errors when sending templates

If an employee with permission to use document templates sends a template with a variable for which they do not have the "View" permission, the system will display different warning messages depending on the case.

  • Template that includes at least one variable with partial access: in this case, the system warns you of your partial access status for some variables in the template.
  • Template with at least one variable with no access: in this case, the system does not allow you to send that template because the document would contain a blank space instead of the no access variable information.


Templates and employee folder permissions

An employee with "Use document templates" permission can send templates in bulk only to those Employee folders they have permission to manage.

💡 Example:

If an employee has permission to manage only the employee folders Payrolls and IDs, these will be the only folders available when sending document templates in bulk.


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