About time off counters

Understand better how Factorial’s time off section works.

Where to find time off counters

  1. On your sidebar, head to Time off
  2. There you will find the counters
  • Click the arrow icon for further details regarding the counter:
more info counter
  • Use the arrows on the right and left to change cycle:

Counters glossary

  • By company policy: there are a number of days or hours that are granted to all employees. Thus, we define the concept of days/hours per policy, as the total number of days/hours one is entitled to in a specific period.
  • Accrued: accrued days/hours are time-off granted to employees for specific periods that are based on Time-Off Policies. These days will always be reflected in the employees Time-Off Counters, and their calculation will depend on how the company has configured their time off policies.
  • Available: by Available we mean the number of days/hours an employee have at his/her disposal to use. Because there are 2 different ways to configure these available days, one will notice in the counters that these days can be all granted a the beginning of the year or they can be generated on a daily or monthly basis.
  • Taken days: taken days/hours are time off one have enjoyed. This time off will be reflected as taken once the administrator has approved the absence requested.
  • Accumulated or carry over: days/hours that employees can carry over until the next period.
  • Allowance adjustments: these are negative or positive adjustments  that an administrator can make in an employee's time off to grant or subtract days/hours for a specific period.

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