How to preview a document template with employee’s data

Document templates containing variables can be previewed with the data of a specific employee

How to display the preview

  1. On your sidebar, go to Documents
  2. Open Document templates
  3. Click on the arrow next to the template
  4. In Template preview, select an employee
  5. Click on Select

The template viewer will reload and the variables will be replaced with the personal information of the employee and the legal entity to which they are assigned.

💡 The variables identified in the document will be listed on the side of the page. The employee and legal entity information will be replaced in that section of the page as well.


❗If no data exists for a specific variable within the employee or company information, there will be a blank space in the final document.


💡 You can download the preview to your computer or print the created document with the employee's data.




Document template permissions

Any employee with specific permission can use the document template functionality. To preview and submit the templates, they must have specific permissions to access the information displayed by the variables.

For each identified variable, a color-coded icon is displayed:

  • Green: the employee has sufficient permissions to send documents containing these variables.
  • Orange: the employee has permission to send documents containing that variable only to a specific group of employees.
  • Red: the employee does not have permission to view the information contained in that variable and will not be able to send that template.

💡 For more information, see the article How permissions to use document template variables work




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