About requisition approvals

Establish approval flows for requisitions in advance, enhancing precision and expediting the procedure. Learn how to configure and manage requisitions for your company.

What are requisitions?

A requisition process is used by organizations to request and manage job openings. It starts with a hiring manager or recruiter creating a job requisition that includes job details. It includes details such as the job title, responsibilities, required qualifications, and other relevant information.

Once approved, it becomes a job posting for recruitment.

Set up requisitions

How to enable the requisitions

  1. On your sidebar, click on Settings.
  2. Click on Recruitment
  3. Head to Processes
  4. Enable the Requisitions button


- Enabling requisitions changes the process of creating job openings. Instead of allowing users with the permission to create job openings, requisitions need to be requested by employees.

- By default, any employee can request a new job opening, but this can be adjusted through permissions. Simply disable the permission for the default group and assign it to specific groups of users who can have the ability to request new positions.


How to set up Approval flows

All employees with this permission have to be assigned to an approval flow.


A default approval will be created and employees with the permission Create requisition will be assigned to it.

  1. On your sidebar, click on Settings.
  2. Click on Recruitment
  3. Head to Processes
  4. Press Add new approval group in the Approval flows
  5. Add the information
  6. Press Save approval group

With the requisition flow, determine the approvers based on your plan. The Business plan allows for one level of approval, while the Enterprise plan supports multiple levels of approval in a chain.

7. Press Add approval level or (+)

8. Select the approver type: Relative role or User

9. Select the approver

10. Press Save approval level

11. Click on Save changes


Auto-approval groups

Once you enable the auto-approval option, the employees affected by this policy will be able to create job openings without going through the approval process.

Create a new requisition

  1. On your sidebar, click on Recruitment.
  2. Click on Jobs
  3. Press +Request new job opening
  4. Add the information
  5. Press Save request

It is possible to track the requisitions in the Requisitions tab and cancel the requests by pressing Cancel request.



Approving or rejecting a requisition

Clicking on the link provided in either email or the inbox will redirect the approver to the requisition tab in order to approve or reject the requisition.

  • When approved, the person that created the requisition will be notified and added to the job opening as hiring manager in draft status.
  • When rejected, the approver can write a note and the person that created the requisition will be notified.

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