About the Advanced Reports dashboard

Leverage the data within Factorial to generate reports that facilitate measurement and informed decision-making

❗Advanced Reports do not provide real-time information. To access real-time data, please consult Insights.



What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a collection of widgets related to the same topic. It’s a centralized place where you can see various information, data and numbers related to a specific topic. Dashboards help you gather and understand insights in a clear way, so you can use the information to make smart decisions.

The information within advanced reports is influenced by permissions and the company's hierarchy. This means that even though you might have access to advanced reports, the information you see, such as salaries, will be tailored to your hierarchical position within the company. For instance, the average salary you see could differ significantly from what your manager sees, reflecting the varying hierarchical levels.



Where to find the dashboards

  1. On your sidebar, go to Analytics
  2. Head to Advanced Reports

💡You can mark specific dashboards as favorites by clicking the star on the left side of the dashboard.




How to create a dashboard

  1. On your sidebar, go to Analytics
  2. Head to Advanced reports
  3. Click on +Create dashboard on the top right corner
  4. Name it and add a description


How to manage your dashboards

❗If you delete a dashboard, the widgets belonging to the dashboard will not be deleted.

  • By clicking on (...), you will be able to: Edit, download all widgets from the dashboard or delete the dashboard
  • By clicking on the arrow or on the whole row, you will access the dashboard

💡 Learn how to use the widget library to access and use default widgets.

💡 Learn how to use the widget builder to create your custom widgets. 

💡Learn how to use the SQL editor to achieve the maximum flexibility.




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