About flexible project tracking

Discover how to track time dedicated to projects independently of clock-ins and hours worked

With this feature, employees can log hours for assigned projects and subprojects without the need for clocking in.

Logged hours will be instantly accounted and all this information will be included in exports for effortless analysis and in our API.


How to flexibly track project hours

  1. On your sidebar, go to Clock-in
  2. Click on My projects
  3. Input the total daily hours associated with each project and subproject

my projects

💡 You can also add comments, which will be visible in the exports.

  1. Place the mouse over the hourly record where you want to add the comment
  2. Click on the comment icon

    Comment icon

💡 Admins in the Time tracking section can view and edit an employee's time if necessary, especially for billing purposes.




Frequently asked questions


Can users record hours in the flexible table if they've worked 8 hours with different shifts?

Yes! Time worked and time dedicated to each project are independent. This flexibility empowers users to manage their hours effectively.


Can users record hours in the flexible table if they've already logged time for the same project on that day?

Yes, employees will be notified if they've already logged time, informing their latest entry is recorded.


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