About Performance reviews

Discover the steps to carry out an efficient performance review, and gain valuable feedback to make better decisions regarding your employees’ performance


How to create a review

  1. From your sidebar, go to Performance 2.0
  2. Click on New review, located in the upper right corner

Steps to follow

Basic information

  1. Fill in the Title and Description for your review
  2. Click on Continue


Review Types

  1. Decide who evaluates the target group
    1. Self-review: they evaluate themselves
    2. Manager to direct reports: employees receive evaluations from their managers
    3. Direct reports to manager: employees evaluate their manager
    4. Peer: co-workers evaluate each other
  2. Once you select the review type, click on Continue


Target group

  1. Define the target audience for this review:
    1. I’ll decide later
    2. All employees
    3. Manual selection
    4. Dynamic group: a group of employees who meet a specific condition
  2. Click on Continue

❗️In the case you select "I'll decide later" as an option, you will be able to make a selection later from the Settings button.




  1. Decide which features will be enabled for this review process.
  2. Click on Continue



  1. Set a deadline for when the review must have been done
  2. Click on Create review

💡 An automatic reminder will be sent the day before the deadline comes. For example: if the deadline is on 11/29/2023 the reminder will be sent the day before (11/28/2023)





Review overview

Once you click on Create review, you will be directed to your review. From here you will be able to see an overview of it with important information:

  • Review types
  • Target group
  • Owner
  • Deadline
  • Questionnaire


How to add questions to your review

  1. From your review main page, scroll down to Questionnaire
  2. Click on Add question
  3. A pop-up modal will appear
    • Decide where this question will appear
    • Ask a question
    • Answer type
      •  Free text
      • Rating
      • Single choice
      • Multiple choice

❗️When rating answers, you can edit and include additional rating scores by clicking on Edit Scoring Range. The default range extends up to 5, but you can expand it to include scores up to 10.


💡You can request answers as mandatory 




How to manage and edit your review settings

  1. Click on Settings, located in the upper right corner
  2. You will be able to manage and edit:
    • Basic information: title, description and owners.
    • Timeline: set or edit the deadline.
    • Visibility: results visibility settings for employees and managers, to ensure a secure and customized experience.
      • Grant early access to managers: managers can access the results of their reports before deadline
      • Restrict results visibility: employees don't have access to their results**.**
      • Anonymous peer evaluation: peer evaluations are anonymous so employees don't know who reviewed them.
    • Features: enable or disable features for this review process.
      • Enable agreements
    • Questions
    • Target group: Set the criteria for selecting participants in this review.



How to launch your review

  1. Once your review is ready you just need to click on Launch review, located in the upper right corner
  2. Launch review

Replace reviewer 
If necessary, you can replace reviewers during an active performance review process by clicking on the three dots icon > Replace reviewer

This option is available for any review type except the self-review, provided that the previously assigned reviewer has not yet published any results.


💡 Reopen a review 
If your performance review is finished but you need to reopen it, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Click on Reopen Review in the upper right corner
  2. Choose the new end date for the review
  3. Click on Reopen



Performance agreements

After evaluating their employees, managers will be able to initiate an agreement, based on the responses provided during the evaluation.

For employees, once the review ends, they can access their manager's assessment and choose to "Agree" or "Disagree". If they disagree, they can also provide a reason or comment.

The agreement is equivalent to a Performance Improvement Plan, designed to help employees meet specific goals within a specified timeframe.


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