How to manage payment

Generate and manage your payments

This article explains the newly updated version of Factorial's payroll cycle. If you're still using the old version, check out the article How to manage payment v1



How to generate a new payment?

  1. Head to the Payroll app located on the side menu
  2. Select Cycles
  3. Click on the three dots icon - located in the upper right corner
  4. Select Change status
  5. Choose Results and Payments and click on Change status
  6. Click on Manage results and payments now
  7. Go to Payments
  8. Click on Generate payment
  9. A pop-uo tab will appear
  10. Select which types of pay you want to generate the payment for
  11. Continue

❗Make sure you have already imported your payroll results.



A window with all of the employees to whom you imported results will appear

  1. Check there are no mistakes
  2. Select the employees you want to include in your next payment
  3. Review the total amount and employees
  4. Click on Generate payment, located on the upper right corner

❗All payments are created in Pending status, indicating that the payment is ready to be processed in the bank. The payments in Processing status will show a tooltip indicating you how to proceed.




Edit and manage payments

  1. Click on the 3 dots on the right of you payment
  2. 4 options will appear:
  • Download SEPA: 
    As the bank account is validated when generating the payment, all payments will be ready to generate its corresponding SEPA file.


  • See details:

You will be able to see the details of the payment:

  • Status
  • Total amount
  • Employee name, amount paid, and bank account number


  • Mark as paid:
  1. Click on Mark as paid
  2. A confirmation toast with the message Payment marked as paid will appear
  3. The visible status will change from Processing to Paid.

If you want to reverse the action, just click again on the dots and Unmark as paid



  • Delete payment:
    If a period payment is deleted, it will affect all final payment statuses of all employees that were included in it, and it won’t be shown anymore in their payments tab.


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