About the Job Catalog

The Job Catalog is a vital section where you can create, assign and configure the roles of your employees.


What is the Job Catalog?

The job catalog in Factorial helps maintain a consistent database of the jobs held by employees in the company. It provides a better quality of data compared to using just job titles because it is based on a predefined list of jobs in the catalog.

A job consists of a role and a level. Even if two people have the same role, their responsibilities and working conditions may differ based on their level. Therefore, they are considered to be in different jobs.

  • Role: A specific activity that contributes to the company's goals.
  • Level: The degree of performance within a role


Where to find the Job Catalog?

In Factorial, the Job catalog is a section within the employee section you can create, assign, and configure roles for your employees.

  1. On your sidebar, click on Employees
  2. Click on Jobs


How to create a new job?

To create a new job:

  1. On your sidebar, click on Employees
  2. Click on Jobs
  3. Press + New Job
  4. Fill in all the information
  5. Press Save

🚨 Users can have as many levels as preferred only with the Enterprise plan. Only 3 levels with a Business plan.




Once the job is submitted, a new page will open for Settings where you can perform the following actions:

  • Basic info: You can provide or modify the basic information for this role by adding/editing the Role name and Description.
  • Legal entities: You can add or delete the legal entity associated with the role.
  • Levels: You can add, delete, or edit the levels that indicate the degree of performance within the role.
  • Role editors: You can add or delete role editors who will have access to the settings of the role.

🚨 If employees have roles that don't match their legal entity or if their level has been archived, their job data will still be saved. To correct this, you can modify the information in the jobs section by selecting the employees with incorrect job data.



How to assign jobs?

Once a job is assigned to an employee, it will appear under the corresponding role in the employee's list. There are two different methods to assign jobs to your employees:

  • To assign jobs in bulk:

With this feature, it is possible to quickly assign jobs to multiple people simultaneously.

  1. On your sidebar, click on Employees.
  2. Click on Jobs.
  3. Click on employees without a role or a level.
  4. Add the information.


👉 To edit the data of multiple employees simultaneously:

  1. Use the checkbox next to the employees to select them
  2. Once you have selected the checkboxes, click on Modify Selection
  3. Press on Save
  • To assign the role and the level of contracts:
  1. On your sidebar, click on Employees.
  2. Choose an employee.
  3. Click on Contracts tab.
  4. Click on the (…)
  5. Press Fix conditions
  6. Click on Job
  7. Add the information
  8. Press Submit

🚨 When filled in, the job title will be used instead of the role and level. The job title field allows customization of the employee's job name. However, using the role and level provides more cohesion and reliability in job information for reporting purposes.



How to hide the job catalog

You can hide the entire job section, effectively addressing privacy concerns.

  1. On your sidebar, navigate to Settings
  2. Under General, click on Permissions
  3. Select your permission group
  4. Go to the Employees permissions
  5. Disable the permission Can view roles and levels
  6. Save changes

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