About the Time planning tools

Discover the Time planning tools that Factorial offers

What are the Time planning tools that Factorial offers?

Shift management

This tool allows to create and manage employee shifts, making sure that all necessary shifts are covered. It also provides a clear overview of who is working when, helping to prevent scheduling conflicts.

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Work schedules

Using Work schedules, you can create and assign work schedules based on your business needs. You can choose between fixed schedule and flexible schedule.

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Contract hours

In Contract hours, you can set the days and the weekly amount of hours that the employee is expected to work.

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Where to find the Time planning tools

  1. On your sidebar, go to Employees
  2. Open an Employee profile
  3. Head to the Time planning tab

💡Each employee also has the option to view their Time planning versions in the 'Me' section.




How to configure the Time planning tool

In the Time planning tool page, you can easily visualize the various time planning assignments your employees have received over time. Additionally, you have the flexibility to specify effective dates, make edits, and assign a different planning tool as needed.

💡By default every user will have a time planning set up based on the Contract hours.


To create a new planning version:

  1. Click on +
  2. Select the Planning tool
  3. Choose the Effective date: it must be a date after the contract hiring date and it can be in the past or future
  4. Click on Create new version


To change version date or delete a planning version

  1. Hover the mouse over the version in question
  2. Click on (…)
  3. Select the option

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