How to configure rejection message templates

Streamline and customize the candidate rejection process by setting up rejection templates: select the phases, customize the rejection message, choose the sender, and set a delay for sending the message.

How to create and configure a rejection email template

Create email templates to be sent to the candidate when rejected. You will be able to modify it before sending it.

  1. On your sidebar, go to Recruitment
  2. Click on Jobs
  3. Open a job opening
  4. Navigate to the Hiring process tab
  5. Scroll down to Smart actions
  6. Click on Use a template under Send a rejection email


To configure the rejection email template:

  1. Select the phases in which you want to send this rejection message
  2. Write the message or select a message template previously created
  3. If needed, enable the Send from a no-reply email option (The email will be sent using a no-reply email and branded using the company color and logotype)
  4. You have the possibility to Delay email
  5. Click on Create action

You can create as many rejection templates as needed. For example, the message you send after the first interview may not be the same as the one you send during the offer process.



To enable the rejection email templates:

  1. Just enable the toggle


How to use the rejection email template during the recruitment process

When rejecting a candidate, you will be prompted with the configured email.

  1. On your sidebar, go to Recruitment
  2. Select the job opening
  3. Open the candidate profile of the individual you want to reject
  4. Click on Reject
  5. Choose the Rejection reason
  6. You can Save the candidate to the Talent Pool
  7. You will find the configured rejection email and, if needed, you can edit it
  8. Click on Reject

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