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How can I create and share job offers with Factorial?

To create and display job offers with Factorial you must create a Company page and to do so:

  1. On your sidebar, head to Marketplace → Apps
  2. Select Company Page
  3. Click on Install App



Is it possible to move back an employee to a welcome space?

Yes, it is possible to move an employee back to a welcome space.



How can I use Factorial HR to onboard employees at my company?

New employees can be invited to a limited-access version of Factorial called Welcome Space prior to their first day. In this Welcome Space, they will be able to perform onboarding tasks such as uploading their personal documents and filling in personal data.



How does LinkedIn integration work?

This system collects job posts from job boards and aggregators across the web, making them visible on LinkedIn. When a job opening is published from Factorial, it will automatically appear on a company's LinkedIn page and be searchable by active candidates.

To set up the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to LinkedIn and search for your company page.
  2. Once on your company page, click on "See all X employees on LinkedIn". This will open the list of employees and the Company ID will be included in the URL.

3. Copy the Company ID (this is the number in the URL).

4. Go to Marketplace and select the LinkedIn Limited Listings app.

5. Click on the ‘Set up integration’ button, paste your LinkedIn Company ID, and save your integration settings.



Where can I find the option Welcome Space?

You can access it when inviting a new employee within the employee feature when converting a candidate into an employee in the Recruitment feature.



What will the candidates see from their account with the welcome space option activated?

When the welcome space option is activated, candidates will be redirected by default to me>profile section upon logging in. Here, they are able to complete their data for Human Resources to begin necessary procedures. They will have access to a Contract Section to view their contract information and a Documents Section where they can view their own documents, upload documents, and make e-signatures if they have been notified to do so. Additionally, candidates can mark tasks as completed in the Tasks section and view pending tasks in the Notifications section.



Are CVs saved in ATS go to be accounted for in the maximum number of documents that can be saved in factorial?

No, CVs stored are not considered when calculating the maximum number of documents that can be saved.



If an applicant applies twice through the Factorial ATS, will the platform detect that the same person has applied twice?

Factorial can detect if a candidate has submitted an application using the same email and prevents them from sending another application. However, if they apply using a different email, the application will be processed.

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