How to configure overtime time off allowance

Learn how to provide your employees with a number of holidays based on the amount of extra hours they have worked

This allowance is designed to compensate employees who have worked additional hours beyond their regular work schedule. It can serve as a means for companies to show appreciation for their employees' dedication and hard work. By providing this allowance, companies can foster a positive work environment and improve employee morale.

💡 If you need help finding or creating a new time off allowance, check out About time off allowances for a step-by-step guide.




Configuring overtime allowance

1. Basic information:

  • Type of allowance: select Overtime



2. Allowance settings:

  • Allowance is set in: this type of allowance always works in hours only.
  • How should we display those hours? Choose between hours with decimals, hours 15 minute blocks or hours 30 minute blocks
  • Can the counter be negative? If yes, it is possible to request more days than maximum available. If not, it is not possible to request more days than maximum available.


👉Keep in mind that you can create as many time off allowances as you need within the same time off policy. For example, you can create an allowance for the standard company holidays that every employee is entitled to, and add another allowance based on time worked.

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