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How to setup the A3 NOM integration and how does it work?

  • Ensure that you have the Payroll Management app installed. Make sure your user has the "manage payroll integration codes" permission, which can be configured in Company → Permissions → Your permission group → Payroll.
  • Go to Applications and scroll until you find "a3Asesor | Nom." Click on "Install App" to add the integration.
  • Configure the additional compensations. This step is crucial for using the a3Nom integration. Head to Settings and assign the codes used in a3Asesor | Nom for your company. You should have already defined these additional compensations concepts in both Factorial and a3Asesor | Nom.
  • Set employee codes. In the Employees section, select an employee, go to their Profile, scroll down to Payroll Information, and enter the code used for that employee in a3Asesor | Nom. Repeat this process for each employee.
  • If you have a large number of employees, you can import the codes. In the Employees section, click on "Import Employees," download the Employees Template, assign codes in the A33NOM code column for all employees, and then import the file.
  • Once the setup is complete, you can manage payroll supplements in Factorial and export a specifically formatted file for A3ASESOR | nom. Additionally, you can manage your newly hired employees for the month in Factorial and export a file specifically formatted for A3ASESOR | nom.



How to set up the SILAE integration and how does it work?

To set up the SILAE integration in Factorial, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Apps section.
  2. Scroll down until you find the SILAE Integration.
  3. Click on "Install app" to add the integration.
  4. Head to the Settings section.
    • In the Settings, you can assign SILAE codes to your absence types and variable types.
    • Administrators must activate the SILAE integration through the app section to map variables and absence types with SILAE's corresponding codes.
  5. To retrieve the codes, log in to the SILAE software. In the "Enter variable items" section of your interface file, you will find the codes in the header of each column.
  6. SILAE has different field codes that need to be enabled and configured in Factorial. The code format to be set in Factorial is EV-Code (e.g., EV-400 for salary advance).



How does the integration of Factorial HR with DATEV work and what advantages does this offer companies?

DATEV is a software used for computerized accounting in Germany. When combined with their cloud solution, it enables the complete digitization and optimization of commercial tasks and processes. By integrating this feature, you will have the capability to export a list of newly hired employees for the month and easily share it with your bookkeeper. This facilitates a seamless upload process to LODAS, ensuring smooth handling of the data. Additionally, this integration enables an efficient and secure exchange of information and data with your tax advisor and bookkeeper.



How does the automatic management of employee bonuses and benefits work with Factorial HR?

Factorial HR facilitates the automated management of employee bonuses and benefits through the inclusion of an additional compensation type in the employee's contract. By setting this compensation type, you can automate the creation of supplements during the specified payroll period. You have the flexibility to define the amount that employees will receive if they achieve 100% of their goals within that period. In the supplements tab, you can input the percentage of the goal achieved, and Factorial will calculate the corresponding amount that the employee should receive.



Does Factorial provide payroll calculation services for my company?

Factorial does not automatically calculate your company's payroll. However, it supports the payroll calculation process. If you require payroll calculation services, you have the option to purchase the Calculation Service from us. Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss this further.



Can I still work with my current bookkeeper?

Absolutely! We understand that every company has its preferred method of working. You have the flexibility to continue working with your current bookkeeper if that's your preference. Alternatively, you can choose to calculate salaries internally within your company. If you decide to use Factorial for payroll calculations, we are here to support you in either case.

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