About the time off policy assignments

Discover the benefits of assigning employees specific time off policies, and learn how to manage these policies in an efficient manner.

❗️This feature is in beta, if you want to activate it make sure to contact your Account Manager


The time-off policy assignment history provides the flexibility to assign various policies to employees while preserving a record of past assignments. This functionality allows you to switch between policies, efficiently managing past, present, and future assignments. It is particularly useful for:

  1. Moving employees between different policies.
  2. Adapting to changes in an employee's contract, such as alterations in working hours (e.g., full-time to part-time).

Where to find the time off policy assignments

  1. On your sidebar, head to Employees
  2. Open the profile of the employee
  3. Go to Time off
  4. Click on See all policy assignments

Admin and Manager’s view

❗ This view will be visible to anyone who has the necessary permissions.


In the side panel, admins and managers can see policy assignment chronology and manage the changes between policies of a specific employee.

How to navigate through assignments

  1. Click on each assignment
  2. The counter on the screen below will display the corresponding information for the selected period

💡 On changing the selected policy, the allowance counters will reflect the first cycle for that policy. Additionally, the calendar on the right-hand side will adjust to match the allowance cycle year. Furthermore, any manual adjustments will be updated based on the allowances displayed.



How to create a new assignment

  1. Click on Create New Policy assignment
  2. Select the Policy
  3. Define the Starting date
  4. Click on Create Policy assignment

How to edit assignments

  1. Click on the three dots icon
  2. Choose Edit policy assignment
  3. Make the changes
  4. Click on Save policy assignment

💡 By clicking on the three dots icon, you can also delete the policy assignment.



Employee’s view

The employee will see the chronology of all policy assignments, enabling them to navigate through current and past assignments.

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