About adding tags to candidates

Why add tags to the candidates?

The main purposes of adding tags when screening candidates are:

  • Helps organize candidate profiles better
  • Streamline the review process
  • Candidate's suitability for position and improvement of company culture
  • And finally, a more objective assessment. 

How do tags work?

Adding tags to the application adds them directly to the candidate's profile.
When you add a candidate from your talent pool to a job posting, the application displays the tags previously assigned to the candidate.

🚨 The hiring managers will have access and will be able to see them only if they have the new Permission: See candidate non-sensitive information.


How to assign and create tags?

There are two different ways to assign and create tags, through a job application and with Tag Manager in the ATS Settings

Assign and create tags through an application:

  1. On your sidebar, click on Recruitment
  2. Click on Candidates
  3. Select a candidate
  4. Click on Add tag
  5. Add your tags


Tags can be added to a candidate from the candidate's application and from the candidate's profile. When adding a tag to the suggestions, it first shows existing tags, and contextually suggests creation if the user enters a tag that doesn't exist.

Assign and create tags through the tag manager (ATS Settings)

  1. On your sidebar, click on Settings
  2. Select Recruitment
  3. Scroll down to Tag manager
  4. Click on Manage tags
  5. You can create tags

Tag Manager allows users to create, edit, or permanently delete tags. 

🚨 Hiring teams are strongly encouraged to agree on a taxonomy for tagging candidates within their organization because it helps to:

  • Clarify job requirements
  • Provide consistent candidate evaluations
  • Foster team collaboration
  • Streamline the selection process.

This results in a more effective, efficient, and unbiased hiring process, leading to better hiring results.


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