Integrating LinkedIn Limited Listings with Factorial

In this article you will discover how to integrate LinkedIn Limited Listings.

💡 With this integration, every job opening published from Factorial will automatically be visible on LinkedIn and searchable by active candidates.


What's LinkedIn Limited Listings?

LinkedIn Limited Listings are job posts gathered by LinkedIn from job boards and aggregators across the web. Jobs will be visible to candidates that are searching for jobs on LinkedIn or viewing your company’s LinkedIn Page.

Every job opening published from Factorial will automatically be visible on your LinkedIn company page and will be searchable by active candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn.

How does it work?

  1. Head to Linkedin.
  2. Sign in to LinkedIn
  3. Once signed in, search your company page
  4. Once on your LinkedIn page, click on "See all X employees on LinkedIn"
  5. After opening the list of employees, the Company ID will be included in the URL

🚨 The Company ID is the number in the URL following:


In this example, the Company ID is 221546341.


How to set up the integration?

  1. Head to the Marketplace.
  2. Select the LinkedIn Limited Listings app.

After you have copied your LinkedIn Company ID, you will need to paste it in Factorial to complete the integration:

  1. In this page, click on the ‘Set up integration’ button
  2. Paste your LinkedIn Company ID and Save your integration settings

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