How to use the message inbox

Learn how to use message inbox feature to allow you to directly message candidates, saving time and streamlining communication.


How to send a message through the message inbox?

Steps to follow:

  1. On your sidebar, click on Recruitment
  2. Click on the Messages Inbox section
  3. Choose the candidate of your concern
  4. Write your message, providing all the necessary details
  5. Click on:
  • Send now: to deliver the message immediately
  • The narrow ">": to schedule the message for later and select the desired date and time for your message to be sent

💡 - The Send from a no-reply email button lets you send messages without having to manage replies.
- You can also create message templates by writing your message and then clicking on Save as Template. To make your templates more flexible, you can add variables.


💡 Candidates receive messages directly via emails and hiring managers receive them automatically in the Factorial message board.


Filters in the message inbox

To find your emails using filters, go to the Message Inbox section in the Recruitment functionality and select the desired filter(s). This will help you quickly locate emails that have not yet been answered by candidates or recruiters or have not been read. Once a candidate is rejected or hired, the conversation can be archived.

💡 You can also mark a message as read or unread by clicking on the Mark as read/unread button located on the top right corner.


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