How to clock in/out with the QR code

Display a QR code at the office entrance and scan it using the Factorial App to clock in/out

This functionality enables you to display a QR code on a device (such as an iPad, laptop, or smartphone) at the entrance of your office. Your employees can then use the Factorial App to scan their QR code, and once they slide the clock-in button, the QR code will be displayed.

💡 Have you activated your company domain yet?  You will need it in order to activate the QR Code. How can I Register my Company's Domain?




Where to find Time Tracking systems

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. In Time, select Time tracking
  3. Open a Time tracking policy
  4. Scroll down until you find Time tracking system
time tracking systems copy 3


To activate QR code Entrance app

  1. From the time tracking policy main page, enable Mobile clock in/out
  2. Activate Entrance app
  3. Click on Copy Entrance App URL

❗You cannot activate the QR code Entrance app and the Geolocation at the same time.



entrance app

Once the Entrance App URL has been copied, you will be able to paste it into your devices. Once done, your employees will be able to clock in/out with the QR code.

❗For security reasons, this URL will automatically update every 30 seconds.



4. Paste the Entrance App URL on a device at the entrance of your office


Steps to clock in/out using the QR code

  1. Open your Factorial app from your mobile
  2. Slide to clock in or clock out
  3. Scan the QR code from the left

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