About Financial Workspace

Get to know all the financial information of your team or company

The Financial Workspace is a space where you can view and analyze the company costs that are available to Factorial. The main source of these costs are employee costs, payroll and expenses.


Where to find the finance workspace?

  1. Head to Finance located in the sidebar menu
  2. Select Workspace



There are 2 permissions to manage the Finance workspace:

  • See financial workspace: it allows the employee to see their financial data and all of their reportees.
  • See the whole company's financial data: it allows the employee to see the financial data for the entire company.


Filtered views

According to the information you want to gather from here, you have two different filtered views.



Legal entity filter: if you have more than one legal entity, you can get a selected view per legal entity. This is affected by the currencies among those legal entities:

  • Single currency: if all legal entities operate under a single currency, there will also be a consolidated view among all legal entities.
  • Multi currency: if there are different currencies among legal entities, there are two options: 
    • Business Plan: The consolidated view is not enabled and the user will be forced to upgrade or have a Legal Entity selected at any time.
    • Enterprise Plan: Consolidated view will be enabled.

Manager filter: this filter let you select a manager in the company (following the organization chart structure) and view all the data of the employees reporting to that manager and the manager theirselves.


Workspace graphs

  • Headcount: the headcount graph counts every employee that has had an active contract during that month. It also redirects the user to the org chart.
  • Costs graph: this graph shows all company costs monthly and year to date.
  • Cost distribution by cost centers or dimensions: if your company is using Cost Centers or other dimensions, this graph allows you to see the costs of those dimensions in a distribution graph.
  • Detailed breakdown: detailed breakdown of all the employees that are being aggregated in the graphs with information regarding:
    • Name
    • Company cost
    • Accuracy
    • Manager
    • Role


Costs in the Organizational chart

When clicking on a Manager in the Organizational chart, it will show the manager profile and the information on their reports.

With the Financial Workspace, it shows also the costs of that manager and their reports.

There is a direct link to view more details and redirect the user to the Financial Workspace with a Filtered view of that Manager.

Learn more about the Organizational chart

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