About multi-account and legal entities

Learn what it means to manage multi-accounts and legal entities within the platform

Keep in mind the distinction between workplaces and legal entities: a workplace is more focused on the physical aspect of where work takes place, whereas a legal entity encompasses the entire legal structure and identity of an organization.




Multi-account is the system that allows users to manage several companies that have no relationship between them, within Factorial.

Lucie, a freelance recruiter, has chosen Factorial HR as her platform to streamline her day-to-day administrative procedures. Since Lucie works with several companies that have no relationship between them, she has opted for the Multi-account option. This is how Lucie, as a single user, manages all her different company accounts.



How to activate a multi-account

You must contact Support, and they will manage the activation of your multi-account.


How to access from one account to another

On top of everything, right where your account's name appears, click on the small arrow and select the other accounts you want to access.

Remember that you can find your employees in the Employee section of the company account to which they belong. So, to visualize them, you need to first access the account in which they were created.


When it comes to multi accounts, the usage procedure and experience remain identical to that of a single account. However, a multi-account will give you the option to access two or more company accounts.



Rafa, the founder of the restaurant chain Calatrini, needs a Factorial account that allows him to manage the various restaurants he runs throughout Europe. To achieve this, he has chosen to create an account by adding the different legal entities of his restaurants. This is how Rafa ensures that his diverse workforce can easily perform the Clock-In without any issues, always maintaining legal compliance for future inspections.



Learn how to add legal entities to your account and add employees to them.


No, to generate billing for your account, you must select a legal entity as the main one.


Yes, you can choose the currency for each legal entity.



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