How to create absence types

Discover how to create customized absence types to meet the needs of your company.

By default, users can request three types of absences: holidays, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave. But, if these types of absences do not meet a company's specific needs, Factorial allows users to create additional absence types, tailor-made to fit their unique requirements. 

💡 For example, if a company has a policy of giving its employees an extra day off for their birthday, they can easily create a custom absence type for "birthday leave" within Factorial. In this way, Factorial empowers companies to manage their employees' absences in a way that reflects their unique values and priorities.


Only admins have permission to create absence types.



Where to find absence types

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. Under Time section, click on Time off
  3. Once in there, scroll down until you find Absence types


To create an absence type

  1. Click on Add new absence type
  2. Provide the absense type with a Descriptive name
  3. Complete the basic information:
    • Caption: add a clear explanation of the purpose of the absence type
    • Assign a color code
    • Is the absence type name visible for employees? Yes or not
  4. Define the allowance settings:
    • Choose whether or not the absence type is deducted from the time off allowance
    • Specify if the absence type is a working day (a day when people are expected to work)
  5. Set the duration: Limit time off requests made in days or half days. Time off requests submitted using the hours option will not be affected by any limits.
    • Is an end date required? Yes or not
    • Minimum request at a time: determines the minimum number of days of this type of absence that can be requested at one time. By default is unlimited.
    • Maximum request at a time: determines the maximum number of days of this type of absence that can be requested at one time. By default is unlimited.
    • If needed, allow requests in half days

      It is possible to add a standalone limit as only a minimum limit or only a maximum limit, or a range. But the minimum cannot be above the maximum and if trying to Create an absence type or Save changes, it will lead to an error.

  1. Permissions:
    • Can employees request this absence type?
    • Allow to attach documents
    • Specify whether the description is mandatory or not

      If you have set that employees cannot request this absence type, remember:
      - Employees who don’t manage anybody cannot request, update or reject restricted absence types, they can only read them.
      - Admins can request these restricted leaves for everyone (also for themselves).
      - Employees, Managers, Team Leaders can request them for all the reportees under their hierarchy tree but they cannot request them for themselves.

  1. Approval:

Remember to click on Save at the top of the page



To edit or archive absence types

  1. Go to Absence types section
  2. Select an absence type from the list and click on the gear icon
  3. You can Edit or Archive type

Discover how to add absences types created within the time off policy by reading the article About time off allowances



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