How to manage legal entities using Factorial

By creating legal entities, you can effectively differentiate and manage multiple companies or entities within a single Factorial account.

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. In General, click on Company details
  3. Click on Add new legal entity - in the upper right corner
  4. Enter a Legal entity name
  5. Select the Country and the Currency
  6. Click on Add legal entity
add new legal entity



On this page, you can add or edit essential details about the legal entity, including:

  • Legal Info: the business's legal name and Tax Identification Number.
  • Currency Information: the currency used for the legal entity.
  • Address: the company's legal address.

How to add employees

To add employees to the legal entity, the first step is to create employee groups:

  1. Open the Employees tab
  2. Click on + in the upper right corner
  3. Enter the Employee group name
  4. Click on Add employee group

add employee gruop

Now, you can proceed to add employees to the previously created employee group:

  1. Click on Add employees
  2. Select the employees
  3. Click on Assign employees

assign employeees

❗How to delete employee groups

If you want to delete an employee group, you must first reassign the employees from that particular group to another employee group. Once you have successfully assigned employees to the new group, you can proceed with deleting the original employee group.


⚠️ Please note that each employee can only be associated with one legal entity. If you have employees who work in multiple markets or for different companies within your organization, we recommend including them in the main legal entity or the one where they work the majority of their hours. Additionally, consider the currency used by the specific legal entity, as the employee's pay-slips will be generated in the same currency.





In this section, you can customize settings related to your employees' contracts.

Learn how to customize contracts


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