How to customize your company workspace

Learn how to add your logo, enhance your career page, add gender options and customize other aspects of your workspace.

Where to find customization options

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. In General, click on Customization
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To add your company logo

  1. In Company Logo, click on Upload image

❗We recommend a PNG image with transparent background sized 260×80px (max. 1MB).



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To customize your career page

Your careers page plays a crucial role in highlighting your company's culture, values, and exciting job opportunities. To make it shine, make sure to configure its sections effectively for maximum impact.

  1. In the Customization page, scroll down to Career page section
  2. Define:
    • Color
    • Header font
    • Body font
  3. Hit Submit
  4. Click on Customize my careers pages for a more in-depth customization

Learn more about how to customize your career page

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To add gender options

Here, you have the flexibility to add additional options to the predefined gender fields. It is possible to specify which gender options are available for each legal entity, to comply with the different legal requirements in different countries.

  1. In the Customization page, scroll down to Gender Options section
  2. Click on Add new gender
  3. Fill in the Name
  4. Choose the legal entities
  5. Click on Add gender option
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To add custom fields and custom tables

Custom fields and custom tables give you the ability to personalize the platform according to your specific needs. They enable you to capture relevant information that is unique to your organization, making Factorial truly work for you.

  1. In the Customization page, scroll down to Custom fields and Custom tables sections

Learn how to create custom fields

Learn how to create custom tables

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