About estimated hours and hours balance

Understand how estimated hours are calculated and how to get the hour balance

What are estimated hours?

Estimated hours refer to the number of hours that an employee is required to work during a weekly, monthly, or annual time period. 

There are 3 different ways of accessing estimated hours:

  • Contracts
  • Work Schedules
  • Shift Management


Estimated hours in Contracts

Factorial assumes that the employee will work the same amount of time each day. This value is determined by the employee's weekly working hours and the specific days of the week they are scheduled to work.

  1. By heading to Employee > Contract you will access the estimated hours of work of your employees by selecting the employee in question.


Estimated hours in Work Schedules

With the work schedule functionality, you can view the estimated hours set for a specific time period (e.g., yearly work schedule). The estimated hours will be based on the hours set in the work schedule.


Estimated hours in Shift Management

When Shift Management is installed, you must create and publish shifts for your employees in order to have estimated hours diffused. Otherwise, without creation and publication of shifts, employees estimated hours will be of 0 hours.

Learn how to create and assign shifts


Get the hour balance

Factorial provides a convenient way for you to monitor your team's monthly progress by comparing their estimated hours to their actual hours worked.

Any additional hours worked outside of their scheduled working hours will be counted as "+ Hours Worked," while any shortfall in hours worked will be marked as "- Hours Worked."

💡 The total estimated hours for each employee takes into account any planned days of holidays. This means that the number of holiday days an employee takes will be subtracted from their total estimated hours.

  1. On your sidebar, head to Time Tracking
  2. Select the period:
    • Monthly
    • Semimonthly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
  3. Check the balance hours of the employees:
    • Estimated: the total time an employee is expected to work during the selected period.
    • Worked: the total time an employee has worked during the selected period.
    • Balance: the difference between the employee's worked hours, estimated hours and accumulated hours until the current day.

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