How to send payslips in bulk

Learn how to send payslips in bulk saving time

Where to find documents in bulk

  1. On your sidebar, head to Documents
  2. Select Send in bulk


Send payslips via suggested matches

  1. Drag and Drop a PDF document

⚠️ Document should always be in PDF format. Normally the payslips document that you receive is in a PDF format.


2. Fill in the information required:

  • Folder Name: Payslips
  • Upload Type: Split pages as new documents (e.g. If you have a PDF that contains 20 payslips, every page will properly be separate).

3. Click on Upload Document

4. Once the document has been uploaded, check that the suggested match is correct and click on send document


⚠️ Make sure that names and surname of the employee are identical for the payslip. The profile of every employee (check Personal tab) should be updated. Make sure that Identification number is correct.




Are you having problems with document upload? Check if the document is in text format

When you are trying to upload a document or send documents in bulk, one of the requirements is that the document is in PDF, not editable and in text format.

To know if the PDF is in text format:

  1. Open a PDF Document
  2. Click in Files
  3. Select Properties and Sources: if the format is text, the different fonts used will be listed, otherwise, a blank space will appear.
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