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1. How to prohibit modifications on the clock-in/out but allow for selecting projects/activities?

To prohibit modifications on clock-in/out but allow for selecting Projects/Activities, follow these steps:

To prohibit modification on the clock-in/out:

  1. On your sidebar, click on Settings
  2. Under the General section, click on Permissions
  3. Select Attendance
  4. Deactivate the option Add and edit shifts and breaks

To allow for selecting Projects/Activities:

  1. On your sidebar, click on Settings
  2. Under the "General" section, click on Permissions
  3. Select Project Management
  4. Activate the option Create time records



2. Is it possible to create projects by importing an Excel file?

No, it isn't possible.



3. What is a task template?

A task template is a tool used to streamline a team's workflow and save time. It involves creating a template with pre-populated tasks and details that can be used repeatedly. This not only saves time, but also ensures consistency across all tasks. Task templates can be created and tasks added to them, which can then be imported and assigned to employees.

Task templates are particularly beneficial when a new employee joins a company as specific onboarding processes can be followed more efficiently.



4. How can I track the progress of my projects?

The project management tool offers a dedicated section for project monitoring, where you can access important project details such as project names, assigned employees, recorded hours per project, and project status.

To find it:

  1. On your sidebar, navigate to the Projects tab.
  2. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of projects along with their respective hour recordings.

💡 To view the number of hours each employee has contributed to a specific project, simply click on the arrow icon next to the project.





5. Is it possible to add projects to recorded shifts using the mobile app?

Yes, it is possible to add projects to recorded shifts using the mobile app. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Clock In section from the tab bar at the bottom of the screen
  2. Choose the desired shift and tap on the right-facing arrow
  3. Select and open a time slot
  4. Locate the dedicated field for adding projects and input the desired project

❗ Keep in mind that only active projects assigned to the user will be displayed in the dropdown menu.



6. How can I register my projects in the tool?

On your sidebar, navigate to the Projects tab. Once inside, you'll find a button to create new projects. Create as many projects as necessary.

7. Can I create sub-projects?

Within each project, you can create as many sub-projects as you wish. This allows you to keep detailed track of your main projects. This feature is available on the new Time Tracking Enterprise plans or Finance Plans

8. How can I assign employees to my projects?

Once the project is created, you can associate employees in two ways. You can manually select the employees who will work on this project. You can choose the entire company. This way, new employees will automatically appear in the projects.

9. How do I register time with the projects?

Once you have registered your projects and subprojects, an employee can allocate time directly to a project and optionally to a subproject. You have two ways to track time:

  • For companies needing detailed tracking, we offer the option to associate each shift from the Time Tracking tool with the projects and sub-projects employees have worked on.
  • For companies with a more flexible association, we have the "My Projects" section. Here, you can associate total hours to each project or sub-projects daily, without needing to go through the Clock-in/Clock-out process.

10. How do I associate expenses with my projects?

Once your projects are registered, access the expenses module and submit a new expense. You'll find a field to select the project in the expense form. Here, all the projects you are associated with as an employee will be displayed. Once the expense is associated, it will automatically be accounted for as an expense within that project.

11. What information can I download?

Currently, we offer four types of exports from the Projects section:

  • Daily tracking of projects and sub-projects per employee.
  • Totals per project and sub-project.
  • Shift details per employee.
  • Expenses associated with projects.

12. Can we connect to Factorial's projects via API?

Yes, you can find all the information needed to do so here.

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